Having an area that will protrude beyond the screen once the backdrop has been removed is crucial when choosing a picture to be extruded.

Select File > Open.

Drag the image into the tab of the image that includes the screen using the move tool (v). (How to use Photoshop to merge photos)

Hold on tight because the second image will soon appear. Release the mouse button after moving the cursor to the centre of the image (or lift the pen if using a tablet).

The two layers will be shown on the same document.

Let’s get rid of the dog’s background.

the Quick Selection tool of your choice

If you have the option, select Cloud under the subject heading at the top. Even though it won’t function quite as well if you don’t see this option, it still functions.

Click Select Subject

You will see a selection around the subject (the dog).

Let’s improve the appearance of the fur selection’s edges.

selecting “Select and Mask”

Take hold of the Refine Edge Brush (that will be the default selection).

Around the fur’s margins, wiggle the brush. For the greatest results when painting, place the brush 3/4 of the way outside the subject (at least this tends to work best for me).

Select and Mask is on the right-hand bar; click Decontaminate colours. The fringes will have less colour as a result.

Select Output: New Layer with Layer Mask.

Press “OK”

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