Choose the Polygon Lasso tool

Select each of the screen’s four corners by clicking. You’ll notice a circle denoting the start/finish point on the last turn.

The selection will be finalised once you click.

The marching ants selection will be visible as being active.

The hands overlap, as you can see. We must make it right.

Choose the Quick Selection tool

To put it in negative or subtractive mode, hold down Alt or Option. The centre of the cursor’s + will change to a – as you can see.

To remove the area, drag it.

The tool will make the choice after you have applied it.

Wait while we add a layer mask to remove the selection.

Holding down Alt or Option while clicking the layer mask button will enable us to conceal the specified area.

On the screen, there is transparency. Perfect!

In the next step, we will prepare the subject that will jump through the screen.

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