This tutorial demonstrates how to restore a photo’s colour after all of the original colour has been gone; it works effectively in extreme cases like the one we used. Here are 4 Photoshop fixes if you are only dealing with a typical colour cast. This example photo (from Adobe Stock) serves as the ideal illustration. This picture has two distinct coloured gels applied, giving it a wonderful cyberpunk appearance.

It used to be very challenging to get the original colours back. but no longer. You will be requested to do this at some time in your career if you have ever worked as a designer or retoucher.


I’ll demonstrate the one click technique here, but you should continue reading and watching the video for better results and instructions on how to manage the new colours and utilise multiple hues for the backdrop and other elements.

Fast fix? Filter > Neutral Filter > Colourize

Done with a bang! But for a better outcome, keep reading.


beginning with the original picture.

Press Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+U to desaturate the colors.

You can plainly discern the tones if the colour is removed. They are sluggish.

(Don’t use an adjustment layer; you won’t hear me say that frequently.) Press Ctrl/Cmd+L for levels.

To remove the highlights, slide the white slider (triangle) to the left; it should be located where the pixels begin on the histogram as shown.

To achieve the desired contrast, slightly move the grey mid-tone slider.

Input OK.

Filter > Neutral Filter > Colourize

This time, the outcome is more appealing and well-controlled.

Click on the backdrop in the thumbnail to change the background colour.

choose a new color

and it will change.

here is a different result with a deeper blue.

This stuff is pretty amazing right?

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