One other thing we can do is combine textures.

Let’s  go back to this one here where we used the snow.

We’ll insert three texture layers. Pick up this blue texture, our grunge texture, and the snow texture.

Commence with this blue one. Just use this to outline the frame’s edges.

Include a layer mask.

Using the Marquee Tool make a box around the edges

Fill this with black, (Option+Del(Alt+Backspace Windows))

Turn off this selection by hitting Ctrl D.

Let’s make this rectangle softer. Get the Properties panel open.

To create lovely, soft edges, increase the feather. If you like, you can switch the blending mode to multiply.

So now we’ve got this kind of texture around the edges, but what about in the middle?

Turn on the layer visibility for the middle (browny-orange texture) layer. Position it.

Change this to Multiply. There we go

We are currently blending the three textures. Let’s make it more precise.

The top snow should be moved.

You can now experiment with the opacity as well. I cut the Blue margin by roughly 75%.

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