The first one we’re going to do here is with a hippie girl with a guitar. Let’s add a little bit of a mood and emotion.



Overlay the image with the texture. I’m adding this texture to the page by dragging it from the Library panel. In order to combine them as shown below, you might alternatively open the texture as a new image. You can either take photos of your own textures or obtain them from other sources, such as Adobe Stock.


Scale it down to fit. Hold down the Shift key while pressing Cmd/Ctrl+T for a free transform, and then drag out from the corner.


It is now clear that the texture is concealing the layer beneath. Use of Blend Modes is all that is required to apply these texture overlays. There are various Blend Modes available here.

  • (a)These darken them
  • (b)These lighten them
  • (c) these work with the midtones (50% gray).

Additionally, I have a free eBook and a much more thorough tutorial on Blend Modes on PhotoshopCAFE, so take a look there.

Try a Multiply Blend Mode first. We have this grunge feel just because I applied the Blend Mode.

You can observe that a Colour Burn offers us a different flavour if you try one.

Other blend modes often function as well, but Multiply, Screen, and Overlay perform the best. You’re going to be best buddies with those three.

Now let’s examine Overlay. It produces a totally different result.

Look at the screen. It will merely make it seem a little bit lighter. Sometimes, if you play around with the opacity and reduce it somewhat, it gives us a sort of bac- lighted appearance there.

Tip: Select the Move tool (V) to switch between blending modes. Tap the Shift + or Shift – keys.

Let’s have a look at some further options. Soft Light and Hard Light are both beneficial to employ. Once more, notice how the feel of the image is completely altered by the addition of just one texture using the Blend Mode if we compare the before and after images. The alternative is to go to Hard Light, which has a design like something from a record cover. You can see that this is quite textured, and you could add different textures, text, and other elements on top of it.

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