Feature 1: Photos from Lightroom

Your Lightroom photographs will sync with your Lightroom photos on the cloud by selecting LR photographs from the Photoshop welcome page.

You can now access your synchronised photographs from Lightroom CC directly from Photoshop and view them there. The cloud will also get any updates.

Range Mask in Camera Raw is a Feature 2.
Let’s launch Photoshop and open Camera Raw on one of the synced images.

We want to make the motorcycle brighter, but at the same time, we want to make background darker.

The brightness or darkness of the image can be altered via exposure.

After brightening the entire image, you should only darken the backdrop.

Of course, you might use the rapid select brush known as the Adjustment Brush.

A new feature is used in this situation.

View the mask and fill the entire area with the quick selection.

You should now scroll down and turn on Auto Mask.

Range Mask will be one of the new options you see. More options are now available than ever before by using colour and luminosity. (Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom Classic both have this capability. (More information on Lightroom “Classic” is provided at the conclusion of this page.)

Go to Range Mask and select Colour.

Grab the eyedropper

To isolate the blue colour (which is blue under the mask), use the eyedropper to select a portion of the backdrop.

Now the Motorcycle category is deselected.

You can also adjust color range by tweaking it.

Turn off Mask.

Turn exposure down.

Thanks to improved masking, you can now darken the sky without having any impact on the motorcycle.

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