One unique feature of adjustment layers is that we may isolate the change to just one layer or target all the layers below it. The sky is not what we want to change; just the street layer is. Here’s how you use an adjustment layer to focus on a single layer.

a. Ensure that the adjustment layer is directly on top of the layer that we wish to change.

b, A tiny square with an arrow can be found in the Properties section. Toggle it

The modification is now going to be clipped to the layer immediately beneath it.

See how the sky is now it’s original color.


I’m going to let the cat out of the bag, so you know where we are going with this. The adjustment layer is the night scene, we are going to paint on the layer mask to reveal the daytime picture underneath, this will be the street lights and window lights etc, that will make this effect convincing. Traditionally, artificial lights are a little more yellow because they are incandescent. (Increasingly, they are being replaced with daytime balanced LED’s, but I like to romantic yellow color and your viewers will too. Let;s make the scene warmer, or more yellow.

a, Hide the Color Lookup Adjustment layer for now

b. Add a Curves Adjustment layer

Your Layer stack should look like this (notice that I have clipped the curve also, so we don’t change the sky)

c. Select RGB in order to see the colour channels.

d. From the drop-down menu, select Blue.

Let’s add a golden tint to the colour. Since blue is the antithesis of yellow, we must lessen its presence.

f. As seen below, click to add a point to the curve, then drag it downward. Additionally, you’ll see that I lowered the highlights on the curve’s right side. Now it ought to appear lovely and yellow.

Let’s make everything more cheerful. To change the brightness, select RGB in the curves.

f. Pull up on the curve to slightly brighten it, as illustrated.

One last thing to do before the real fun starts. Lets set ’em up

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