This is where we will make the photo look like its night time, the day to night effect happens like so. The good news, is it’s really easy thanks to LUTS in Photoshop CC.
If you are on an earlier version for Photoshop, do the same thing using Curves (Step 4.c but reverse the curve on the Blue channel to make it more blue, instead of yellow).

Make sure you choose our picture of the street.

a. In the Adjustment layers in the Layers panel, select Color Lookup

Select the 3DDLUT File dropdown menu from the properties panel by clicking on it. A LUT (lookup table; a colour and tone preset) will be used.

b. Check the list for Moonlight.

The image will now appear nighttime after choosing the moonlight LUT. We still have a lot of work to do; this is only the first step.

b. Change the LUT’s impact on the sky; I don’t like it. The following step can be skipped if you didn’t perform a sky replacement.

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