Let’s begin the process of erasing a person from a picture. People today change jobs or break up with partners more quickly than a digital camera’s shutter in our fast-paced society. I’ll demonstrate how to remove them from the scene. Yes, I knew it was a bad pun.

Let’s start with a picture of four people, who are about to become three. The person to the right is ready to vanish.

FIRST STEP (Optional) To have a clean copy of the bottom in case we need to do any masking or repairs, duplicate the layer. To replicate, drag the icon to a new layer.

Make a selection around the person you want to delete using the Quick select tool (or the lasso tool, if you prefer).

STEP 2. To launch the fill dialogue box, press Shift+Return (Shift+Backspace on Windows).

Select Content Aware, then click “OK.”

Even while Content Aware Fill works wonderfully most of the time, occasionally you’ll get a result like this.

STEP 3. Don’t worry; we can give Content Aware some guidance. Edit>Content Aware Fill should be selected in Photoshop CC.

This window will be visible. We may manage CAF’s (Content Aware Fill) usage on the left. The preview is on the right.

  1. Paint over the people using the top left tool (which is turned on by default).

Keep in mind that only the green portion is filled. Though there is a strange outline, it appears better.

Step 5: Make a selection around our person’s edges with the Lasso tool so that CAF has additional edges to blend with. (Initially I could have made a looser selection around out guy, but then you wouldn’t learn what to do when it goes wrong).

Look at how much sharper the edges are now. If you’re lost, watch the movie up top (but you should watch it anyway because there’s a tonne of information there).

Step 6: Using the brush to keep the baseboard out of the middle lines, remove them.

Output is set to new layer by default. This is a secure course of action in case you need to make any changes.

Hit “OK.”

Here is the end result with a new layer that has content awareness.

STEP 7. Merge the Content Are Layer into the layer below if you are satisfied with the outcome. Press Cmd/Ctrl+E after selecting the top layer.

STEP 8. We now need to transfer the couple to the left over to fill up the space.

Select the area surrounding them using the Lasso tool. Except for the shoulder of the woman in blue, which should tighten up against the woman on the far right, keep everything slack.

STEP 9. Hold on! You will have a hole if you move them over. At the same time that we move them, we also need to repair the hole they left behind. Now what?

The Content Aware Move tool should be selected. Oh, so that’s what it’s for?” “Yep”).

Our choice is moved to the right. There are two of them; don’t worry; believe me.

Pressing enter will blend the chosen area into the new one while also healing the area were they were. STEP 10.

It’s simple to clean up even if you still need to.

To tidy up, I just used the Clone Stamp. Both content-aware and the healing brush are effective. (You are about to witness the use of a healing brush.)

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