Here is a guide to help you make the most of those other photos. Fortunately, you will be able to recover more detail than at first glance if you shoot RAW and use either Lightroom or the Camera Raw filter in Photoshop (they have identical settings).

To restore the features in the dark and light areas, a lot may be done by adjusting the highlight and shadow sliders.

Access the HSL section.

To make the skies colourful, select Luminance and make the blues darker.

Chromatic Aberration, or the red and cyan fringing around the margins, can occasionally be seen as a result of these drastic changes.

Turn on Profile Correction and Remove Chromatic Aberration under Lens Correction. This corrects it.


Notice that the blue sky is lighter around the edges now. This is a vignette.

To level out the sky, move the vignette slider in the Lens Correction tab.

Use the White and Black sliders to create contrast; this gives the photographs a punch.

  1. On occasion, I warm up an image by adjusting the temperature just a little bit to the right.

By adding some texture clarity and dehaze (the distinction is shown in the video at the top), you can bring out more detail and surface texture.

Step 7 (not seen in the video): Fixing the Halo
A halo has formed around the aircraft’s wing as a result of all these disproportionate adjustments.

To correct this, let’s switch to Photoshop.

Use the rapid selection tool to select the area surrounding the wing.

STEP 8 In order to flip the selection, press Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+I. Now that the wing is shielded, you are free to paint the sky.

Establish a new Layer

You’d think a brush would do the trick, however the sky has a gradient, making it incredibly challenging to paint with one.

Select the Clone Stamp tool instead. Drag down the edge of the wing after sampling off to the side of it (hold alt/option and click to sample).

Take note of how simple it is to fix the halo’s edges.

Thanks to this week’s instruction, I hope you can now make those harsh photographs look appealing.

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